A Place to Call Home (Perhaps?)

A Place to Call Home (Perhaps?)

At last, we got the keys to our apartment on the 1st March and moved in. We have 2 second hand couches, 4 dining room chairs, a borrowed bed and a few kitchen essentials. Our shipment has just docked in Cape Town (finally)  but the goods have not reached the depot yet. We are desperate to have some of our personal belongings with us again. It will be like Christmas when we get to open the boxes. What we have learned is that you don’t really need much to live but in this heat a fridge is quite important and we currently don’t have one!

How does a whole nation function without Ikea? It has been very frustrating and time consuming trying to find reasonably priced furniture for the flat as there is no shop where you can go and buy all household items in the same place and 2nd hand furniture is not necessarily cheaper.

However, God definitely sent us to Helen and Tubby who were the hosts of the airb&b we stayed in for nearly 3 weeks (if your visiting at any time get in touch for details).  They went above and beyond to help us settle in to our new city sharing lots of fun, laughter, good advice about purchasing cars, local bureaucracy and markets. They made us dinner, did our washing, even opened their home to our friends for a braai (BBQ). Tubby won a national competition several years ago, (a bit like master chef but for BBQs) so is officially ‘The Braai Master’. Helen and Don spent time shouting at the rugby together, both supporting Scotland as Helens mum was from Fife.

Don has been spending time in Sweet Home Farm with progress being made on the concept house which is now fully rendered and the floor now tiled. The shower and toilet will hopefully be fitted out in the next week or two. Imagine having your own toilet and shower in your house and not sharing it with 5 or 6 other families! This demonstration of what is possible on a saved-for, bit-by-bit process, turning what starts as a shack into a permanent home, is a revelation to people in the community.

Lorna has been shadowing in Jubilee Health Clinic, which is very different from working in the NHS. Patients queue from 7.30am and wait without complaining until they are seen by a staff member, sometimes waiting up to 5 or 6 hours. Each patient, though very poor, is charged a small amount for the consultation and any medication dispensed to give them dignity and self-respect. The physical, emotional and spiritual health of each patient is considered and there are no time restraints or a sense of hurry during the consultation. The staff member who carries out each consultation prays with the patient before they leave.

After several weeks of church hopping, we have decided to stay at a local church called Connect for a least the next few months as we establish ourselves. It is a lively church, good worship and teaching, mixed age range and lots happening for all ages. We have been made to feel very welcome and have already enjoyed the hospitality of some of the members.

We feel things are beginning to slowly come together, but it is 2 steps forward, 1 step back. 1st step forward…. Now we have a permanent address we have set up a local bank account, but not yet got the debit cards, which will mean we can move money monthly to cut down on international transfer fees.  2nd step forward…. We are still waiting for our traffic registration number to be processed but have gone ahead and bought a bakkie (pronounced ‘bukkie’), this will mean we can return our hire car which has been costly.

1 step back……This very morning, believe it or not, we were advised of a Sheriff Officers Warrant for repossession of our leased flat from the owner. We have been dealing directly with the letting agent who hopefully will sort it out for us and explain our lease agreement and tenancy rights. We are praying we will not have to move again!!!!

‘And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to his purpose’

Romans 8: 28

12 thoughts on “A Place to Call Home (Perhaps?)

  1. Hi Lorna and Don..thanks for this wonderful update. Please let me know when bank account up and running as would like to donate.(probably a drop in the African ocean but every little helps!) sounds like an amazing adventure which you knew it would be. Glad you have found a church which I know is of utmost importance. Enjoy the sunshine…miserable and raining in Glasgow! Lots of love and respect. Maxine xx

    1. Maxine, thank you for your message it’s great to hear from home. We really value your care and concern! It’s also very generous of you to consider donating to support Don & I. The easiest way is to look at the top of our web-site (adventurouslyexpectant.com) and you will find a ‘Support’ button and you can follow the link to donate, including gift aid if applicable. Thanks again, Lorna xx

  2. Goodness. Two steps forward and one back right enough. I pray that the flat situation is resolved in your favour. Just to let you know. The Gavin’s Mill Fairtrade shop and cafe opened last week with Sally Magnusson doing the opening honours. We’re run ragged but it’s going well. God bless you both.

    1. So glad it is going well. Looking forward to having a cup of coffee at Gavin’s Mill next time we are in Milngavie.

  3. Bless you both and praying for you!
    Things can only get better!!
    Loads of love
    May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in HIM! That you will overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit

  4. Great to hear of the positives and praying with you on the backward steps! God is faithful and will see you through the low times (I speak from recent experience). You seem to have made some wonderful friends and it’s good that you’ve found a church to be a support too.
    The DBC project is proceeding apace – foundations and drainage in and steel frame erection commencing later in the month.
    Trust your accommodation is sorted soon and that you both keep well.
    God bless – Stuart & Lorna

  5. Missing you both lots!
    Hope to face time you during a prayer triplet very soon ?
    We will keep praying for joy and patience in all you do! Philippians 2 v3-4-infact all of philippians 2 is great just looking at it today , and thinking of you.
    Lots of love Anna x x

    1. Hi Anna
      Good to hear from you. It would be great to have a prayer triplet face time with you and Shona. We are currently 2 hours ahead but it will change to 1 hour when your clocks go forward soon. Miss you all. xxx

  6. So glad all is “almost” (!) working out for you, it sounds both frustrating and exciting at the same time. Good luck for everything. Peter and I will be watching the rugby Saturday, but Obviously we will be supporting England! I will be following your adventures

    1. Hi Diana
      Great to hear from you. Hope you are both well and the journey home was smooth. We are feeling more at home now as our shipment arrived and we have family photos and pictures on the walls. So thrilled that you are following our adventures and we hopefully will see you both when you return to Cape Town…….Let’s not talk about the rugby!!!!!

  7. Glad your getting settled .Still no replacement to fill your post Lorna no surprises .Sounds very challenging but know your both up to what ever .Prayers and thoughts with you both keep smiling.Pat and Alex

    1. Thanks for keeping in touch, we love to read comments on the blog. Hope you are not working too hard as still a staff member down. I have you pencilled in for the future once Newday clinic is up and running!!! You would love a wee 2 or 3 week trip to Africa as you both love to travel. xxx

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