Advent of Visas

Advent of Visas

So here we are!

It seems like the culmination of a lot of ‘stepping out’, passionate waiting, and anticipation…..and now, at last, they’ve arrived….the Visas! The one thing left which felt like it had serious potential to hold us back, but another light on the path has come on!  At each step forward over the last months, a new obstacle to be negotiated has confronted us. There has always been a need for us to be single-minded and determined in obedience. But now it feels like the horizon has just opened up and the new and challenging life the Father has called us to beckons. As I write, Lorna is searching for flights that will take us to Cape Town in January.

Advent of Visas

Of course, God has been nothing but faithful and gracious. As we look back down the path we see illuminated the ordered events that have led to this day and we are full of courage and expectation. We are under no illusion, however, that the journey so far represents only a preparation phase where we have learned to trust and lean on Him for our future. But together we are clear that the way ahead will feel more like a battle! And when we get to Sweet Home Farm we understand that we will land with nothing of ourselves to give. After all this time our arrival will be entirely down to simple obedience and an understanding that God doesn’t call the resourced, but resources the called!

‘Then the Lord called Samuel. Samuel answered, ‘Here I am.” (1 Samuel 3: 4)


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